Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Active Minds at Maryland Presents: Project Unbreakable

November 1, 7PM 
Grand Ballroom Lounge
Grace Brown, founder of Project Unbreakable, is speaking at the University of Maryland on November 1st. Grace Brown created a photography project that features survivors of sexual assault holding a poster that includes a quote from their attacker. Its purpose is to give these survivors a voice and raise awareness. We would like to welcome Grace Brown onto our campus with open minds/hearts. Grace has photographed over 200 people and received over a thousand submissions. TIME magazine has named it one of the top 30 blogs to follow!
Co-Sponsors: The Love Movement, SGA, Feminist for Sexual Health, SARPP 

**WARNING: Images are very powerful, and may have some triggering effects**

Grace is photographing on campus from 11am to 4pm Please contact her work email at projectunbreakablesubmissions if you would like to be photographed.

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