Friday, September 30, 2016

Gemstone Team Bacteria LauchUMD fundraiser

 Gemstone Team BACTERIA is researching the best method to prevent asphaltene aggregation in an environmentally friendly way. Asphaltenes are a component of crude oil nicknamed the "cholesterol of pipelines" and can cause pipeline explosions. This is especially dangerous in the transportation of heavy crude oil. Since heavy crude oil requires more treatment than conventional light crude oil, we are also looking into a more biological treatment method, rather than using large amounts of harsh chemicals and energy. 

We need your help in order to fund our research project. Our team does not have enough money to buy the necessary equipment and materials to perform our experiments. In order to raise money for our project, we have started a crowdfundraiser through LaunchUMD with a goal of $5500. 

We hope you are able to donate to our cause. Any amount helps! This crowdfundraiser is considered a charitable donation which is tax deductible.

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