Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WeSee@UMD Bracelet-Making Event

When? Wednesday, May 1, from 3-7pm
Where? In front of North Campus Diner
Why? To benefit Rainbow Reading Gardens in Indonesia (Plus, it will be fun!)

WeSee@UMD is a student advocacy group on campus, and this year, our theme is been literacy! As part of our main fundraiser for the year, we are hosting a bracelet-making event! So come out and get crafty with us! Make a beautiful beaded bracelet for yourself (free of charge), and make another to donate to our cause! Next week we will be tabling in front of Stamp, and will use the bracelets as an incentive to donate. All benefits will go to Rainbow Reading Gardens, a non-profit organization that provides books to impoverished children in Indonesia. 
Like us on facebook to see a sneak peak of what the bracelets look like!

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