Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Erasable, Inc. Annual 24 Hour Show

May 3, 1pm - May 4, 1pm on the front steps of McKeldin

So you had a blast at our Improvised Shakespeare Longform last night, but still can't satisfy your cravings for more Inc.? We don't blame you. You're only human.

Luckily, the 24 Hour Show is here for yoooooooou!!! That's right folks, we will be performing on the lovely steps of McKeldin for 24 hours straight from 1pm Friday to 1pm Saturday. That is a whole entire day, in case you were wondering/confused.

This year we will be raising money for Arts for Autism, so bring your life savings and giving  nature! Also bring a seat cushion. You're gonna want to be here for a while.

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