Tuesday, October 3, 2017

On Call Magazine - Creative public health publication looking for contributors! - Meeting 10/10

We’re looking for creative collaborators who are interested in the cross between art and public health issues! On Call Magazine is a non-profit organization focused on creating a multimedia-based network that promotes global health literacy through non-traditional science mediums. We want to get the public interested and aware of under-the-radar issues, misconceptions, and new findings in the health realm through untapped mediums in the science community. This means no politicized click-bait articles or dense research journals, but rather investigative interviews, brief podcasts and videos, helpful info-graphics, artwork, and more! All disciplines are welcome to join, and we’re looking for journalists, graphic designers, video producers, artists, writers, researchers and anyone who wants to open up the discourse of public health issues to all angles.

Here's the information for our first interest meeting:
1106 Tawes Building
Oct. 10
6-7 PM

Please email us at oncallmag@gmail.com with any questions. We hope to see you at the first meeting!

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