Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 Summer/Fall Opportunity for Achievement in Research Internship Program

The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center of Excellence for Health Disparities in Our Nation’s Capital (CEHD) and Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) are jointly sponsoring the 2016 Summer/Fall Opportunity for Achievement in Research Internship Program.

The aim of the program is to engage, recruit, and train well-qualified college undergraduate (primarily sophomore and junior) students, from underrepresented minority and other disparity populations, into minority health and health disparities research careers through specialized didactic and mentored research experiences. The SOAR internship program has been highly successful for several years. To learn more about the work of previous interns, please visit

In addition to a core focus on clinical, laboratory, or community-focused research experiences, each student will participate in a series of didactic seminars and video discussion groups. We will do our best to match students with mentors who fit their research interests.

The application deadline is March 7, 2016. The application can be completed and returned electronically along with the required materials. Here is the link to the online application: Students can also visit our website for the announcement, application, recommendation form, and answers to frequently asked questions at

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