Tuesday, December 13, 2016

survey for immersive media design major amongst undergrads - chance to win $20 Amazon gift card

The University of Maryland is exploring the possibility of creating a new major on immersive media design that would combine studio art, digital storytelling, design, and computing, using virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) technology. 

During its first phase, the major will include elements of game design, augmented and virtual reality, physical computing, and digital fabrication. The curricula would also provide a foundation for an artistic practice that would incorporate AR/VR technology. This new major would prepare students for a variety of AR-VR focused careers including jobs in the entertainment and computer games industry, education, healthcare, defense, and consumer outreach.

We invite you to participate in our survey to help us gauge student interest in such a major. The survey has only 5 questions and will take about 3 minutes for you to complete.
Once you complete it, you can register to win one of 15 $20 Amazon.com gift cards. 
We will be giving away $20 Amazon gift cards to randomly selected survey submissions based on a sliding scale of time. We will pick 8 winners from those who submit the survey by noon on Tuesday, Dec 13; 4 winners from those who submit the survey bynoon on Wednesday, Dec. 14; 2 winners from those who submit the survey by noon on Thursday, Dec 15; and 1 winner from those who submit the survey by noon on Friday, Dec 16.
The sooner you complete the survey, the more drawings you will be entered in to win.
The survey closes midnight, Friday, Dec. 16, 2016.
No student may win more than one drawing.
Winners will be emailed directly to coordinate collection of their prize.

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