Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fall job opportunity: get out the youth vote with New Voters Project

The elections this fall are rapidly approaching and the people elected will make decisions about issues we care about - like jobs, the economy, college affordability, and the environment.  We are working to make sure that students turn out to the polls in a big way on Election Day, so we can raise our voice on the issues we care about. That’s why we are hiring professional organizers to run non-partisan voter registration and turnout campaigns on college campuses across the country this fall.
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What’s in store for our future? Will we be able to get jobs and pay off our bills and our student loans? How will the country deal with civil rights, the environment, taxes, student debt, or campaign finance?
Our Future. Our Voice. Our Vote.
We can't expect our elected leaders to pay attention to the issues we care about, or for things to start moving in the right direction if we don't make ourselves heard. That's why we need to vote. So on Election Day we need to show up, and show up big. It’s pretty basic: If we’re going to be heard, we all need to work together, raise our voices and vote.
As a full-time organizer with the New Voters Project, you will:
  • Run a non-partisan voter registration and turnout campaign in a campus community. Campus Organizers recruit and train a cadre of volunteers to register 18-29 year olds, collect pledges to vote from 18-29 year olds who are already registered to vote, and contact all of these young people to turn out to vote on Election Day.
  • Educate students and train new leaders. Campus Organizers teach citizenship and organizing skills. Campus Organizers also oversee an internship program, through which students can earn academic course credit for their work to boost youth voter engagement.
  • Build a coalition. Campus Organizers work with student volunteers and interns to build a diverse, invested coalition of organizations and people to boost youth voter turnout.
PIRG Campus Action is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

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