Friday, May 16, 2014

AMST 298O: Digital Media and Cultural Politics in a Global World - Summer Session II

Interested in the politics of the internet? Want to learn more about how digital media connect people across the globe? Need to earn History and Social Science and Understanding Plural Societies General Education credits over the summer online? 

Then check out AMST 298O: Digital Media and Cultural Politics in a Global World. This Summer Session II course taught by Dan Greene will review massive cultural movements spread online and across borders, whether as political projects (the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street) or pop culture sensations (Gangnam Style, World of Warcraft). We'll learn about the small corners of the Web where sexual subcultures make a home, and ask fundamental questions about what the internet is, who shapes it and how, and why a particularly precarious generation takes to the Web to make a space of their own. The course will take place online and students will use that space to its full advantage, exploring the politics of globalization as they play out in blogs, YouTube, and social networking sites, and designing research projects that focus on a border-crossing internet community of their choice. Questions about the course? Contact Dan at for more info. 

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