Friday, May 17, 2013

Interested in environmental health, justice, public health, disease, or climate change? Looking to take a summer course? Want one that is online?

Check out the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health’s summer course offerings on Testudo! The following courses will be offered this summer:
MIEH210: Environmental Justice, Racism, and Environmental Health Disparities: How where you live can kill you!
(3 credits) Offered online 5/28/13-7/07/13

MIEH215: The Built Environment and Public Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
(3 credits) Offered online 7/8/13-8/18/13

MIEH275: Global Environmental Health: How Our Fouled Fishbowl Impacts Human Health and How We Can Turn the Tide
(3 Credits) Offered online 7/8/13 – 8/18/13

MIEH280: Community Engagement, Citizen Science to Participatory Action Research-Saving the World One Community At a Time
(3 credits) Offered in-person during Summer II 2013 7/8/13-8/16/13

MIEH321: Syphilis to SARS: Climate Change, Development and Emergence of Infectious Diseases
(3 credits) Offered online 7/8/13-8/18/13

 Sign up and check out the classes at

 Contact Maurice Rocque ( for syllabi and more details.

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