Thursday, May 11, 2017

Apply to be on the Executive Board of the Black Honors Caucus!

The mission of the Black Honors Caucus is to provide a space for black and minority students to convene on the basis of scholarship, creativity, and camaraderie in order to support the achievement of its members. The Black Honors Caucus is established for the purpose of building cohesiveness among Black members of the honors community and promoting activism within the Black community. This organization aims to serve the university as a whole by providing a forum for diversity and discussion about the community's greatest concerns. Although the organization is sponsored by the Honors College, membership is open to all students.

A list of some events that the Black Honors Caucus held this year:

If you are interested in being on the Black Honors Caucus e-board, please indicate the position you would like to run for and email your resume to:

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