Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peer Educator Training Certification

The Peer Assisted Learning program (PAL) is designed around the concept of students assisting their peers in reaching their short and long-term academic goals. PAL educators are trained student volunteers who assist fellow university students improve their study skills, gain confidence in their scholastic abilities, and provide tips and techniques for continuing academic success.

LAS in the Counseling Center provides a comprehensive peer educator training program with varied tracks for all qualified students interested in becoming PALs.
Want to gain experience & hone your skills?
Participants in the LAS Peer Educator Training program will:
·         Receive ongoing, semester-long training; partake in professional development opportunities; and gain new techniques and skills to incorporate into their roles as peer educators
·         Have the opportunity for various training tracks. Students can volunteer or gain either 3 credits (EDCP318E) or 1 credit of upper-level coursework (EDCP 498)
·         Participate in experiential learning through hands-on, out of class activities and one-on-one mentoring and tutoring sessions
·         Hone Communication and Leadership skills
·        Network with fellow peers

Participants have the opportunity to receive official LAS peer educator certification and/or College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)'s International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC):
·         Certification type depends on training track
·         Your information would be listed on the LAS Counseling Center website as a certified LAS mentor or tutor  OR as a IMPTPC certified mentor
·         This website serves as a referral source for any UMD student, parent, faculty, or staff member looking to work with or hire a highly qualified mentor or tutor
·         This is a great professional development opportunity to list on a resume, job, or graduate school application


For more info. or to receive an application, contact Katie or

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