Thursday, June 5, 2014

Looking for a 1-credit course and want to develop skills to create a mobile/web based app to meet a community need in Fall 2014?

Fall 2014
CPSP 249T (Section 0201)
Practicum: Service-Learning; Science, Technology and Society
1 credit
Wednesday, 3:30 to 5 pm
Open to all students
Non-programmers welcomed. Programming NOT a prerequisite for the course.

Students will:
       develop skills to create a mobile / web based app to meet  a community need
       network with technology and local community leaders
       make a difference in communities and their residents
       create an app for the Spring 2015 Code for Community Competition III

The class will have:
       Communities discussing how technology can address their needs. 
       Technical consultants providing  support for app development
       Class time allocated for individual  app development

Student assessment will be based upon:
       required attendance and participation
       the final mobile / web based application
       a reflexive assignment exploring
o   how the app was developed
o   how it might be used
o   areas for future development 

Students will leave the course with:
       an understanding on how technology can make a difference
o    in the quality of life of neighborhoods and their residents
       a foundation of mobile / web based app development skills

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