Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society

Is there anything really more satisfying than a great debate? The personal gratification of testing the limits of one’s mental capacity is glorious in its own right. But being humbled by new ideas you never even fathomed opens one’s eyes to the endless possibilities of thought. The University of Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society is proud to partake in this endeavor for knowledge.
            Every weekend, our team travels along the East coast, competing against and defeating some of the most renowned debaters, hailing from some of the world’s top universities. Competitors include all of the Ivy League universities, top liberal arts colleges like Swarthmore, Wellesley, Smith, and Amherst and public school powerhouses such as Rutgers, William & Mary and the University of Virginia.
In fact, our team has been molded and coached by two former top-ranked debaters hailing from MIT. Our coaches and our experienced debaters help new members of the team learn methods to debate well, so no experience is needed to become part of the team!
            For those love to construct nuanced lines of argumentation, and have the willingness to vie with the best minds the collegiate world has to offer – the Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society is unrivaled by any other organization on campus
            Our first meeting will be on Monday, September 2nd in Jimenez 1124 at 7 pm. You are invited to meet the team and observe a debate in person. With little doubt, it will only take one round for you to be grasped by the art form we love. In the future, we will conduct more formal tutorial debates for those who are interested in joining the team during information sessions held on Monday, September 9th, Thursday, September 12th, and Monday, September 16th.
In the meantime, check us out on Facebook (Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society) or on our website (, or email us with any questions at

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