Friday, June 9, 2017

The Stamp Gallery Presents I'M FINE Through July 28

I’M FINE 2017
June 5th–July 28th, 2017
Opening reception: Wednesday, June 7th, 6–8 pm

The Stamp Gallery presents I’m Fine, a student-curated exhibition investigating art as a means of catharsis. Featuring works from seven artists, I’m Fine explores narratives of personality, process, and release, exploring how the practice of art-making participates in (or disrupts) the evolution of personal development. While each artist examines different aspects of the mind and body in flux, the works and performances in I’m Fine operate in conversation, scrutinizing the ways art comments on mental and physical health and self-care. Ultimately, the exhibition calls into question notions of memory, power, permanence, love, the physical body, and the relationship between the individual and collective. I’m Fine is on view June 5 through July 28, 2017. An opening reception, free and open to the public, will take place on Wednesday, June 7, 6–8 pm.

FREE and open to the public, The Stamp Gallery is open during the summer: Mondays–Thursdays: 11 am–6 pm; Saturdays and Sundays: Closed. More information:

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